Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tips & tricks

Okay, since these questions (about knitting and crochet) keep popping out, I thought I´d share some of the answers here too! Also counting the years that I´ve been knitting & crocheting, I still tend to forget - won´t hurt to write down at least some of it? Here we go:

1) you´ve just begun, and after a couple of rounds you´re thinking "Meh, it does not look like the original" :(

--> umm.. no, of course it doesn´t - everyone has their own touch (you should compare it to your handwriting, isn´t it unique too?)

..also note: before they took their picture of it, they had all the time in the world to use all the possible tricks to make it look good, why, they had to sell it to you!

2) handmade should never look like factory made! That said, unfortunately the trend is going for that direction.. some people expect handmade to be as if it was produced in a factory. Well, then they should go and buy their products from the factories =(

3) which yarn/thread should I use?

In most cases the best option is, of course, said in the instructions (of any pattern) - but sometimes it´s just not possible. Perhaps hooks/needles aren´t the size they´re supposed to - or what ever the reason will be, changing the yarn will change everything!

A) at first we check out the details of the yarn we´re supposed to use - it should say something like "n/ca 150g - n/ca 300m". These numbers indicate the weight and the length of that yarn. So when we´re looking for possible candidates, we should try and find something very similar.

If we can´t find any? Then we would have to buy something else - and to know what to do next!

The first part (thinner/thicker yarn) is to knit an example of size 10cm x 10cm (remember to use the same needles you´re planning on using later as well). And when the piece is done, see how many stitches you knit on 10cm´s - for example, I would have 26 st(s) on 10cm´s.

We mark it up as: "26st(s)/10cm´s".

A 1) if the pattern says "18st(s)/10cm´s", and "begin with 118st(s)"
  • we´d have to share our 26st(s) with 18st(s) - the result is 1,4. It means that every stitch they knit, we would have to knit 1,4!
  • Knowing this helps, because now we´re able to sum it up: 118 x 1,4 = 165,2st(s).
So, we shall start to work on 165st(s), instead of the 118st(s) mentioned. Problem solved =)
A 2) What if we had less stitches? Well, the beginning is the same: we share the bigger number of st(s) with the smaller number of st(s) - the result will most likely be "one point something".

If they said to begin with 118st(s) and they have, say, 27st(s)/10cm´s - while we are having only 20, we share that 27 with the 20. The result is 1,3.
  • But then: 118 : 1,3 = 91. So, we would have to start with 91st(s), instead of 118st(s).
Totally messed up? Haha I know I was, anyways.. easy way to remember it:

..if you knit more, multiply - if you knit less, share ^_^/


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I"m going to bookmark this page so that I can refer back to it. Thanks for all the useful information!

Carolina said...

Thank you Diane, I hope this helps others as much it has been helping me :)